English composition gas cry excellent teachers, give 1 point are more! How to improve English composition skills in primary and secondary schools?

See the master teacher studio colleagues after a phone call, take toilet paper constantly wipe tears, all rushed over to relieve, think is the management of student organization and discipline angry, but can not imagine colleagues from the phone turned out a photo of the English test questions, so that we look at what exactly, it turns out to be the students write English test on the English composition, I look at a dumbfounded.

The whole «English composition» I only understand three English words: personality, advantages, and, and the first two English words or composition in the regulations, in fact, this students only wrote a conjunction and. but write the dense, there are many contents, but a time to press not The fact is that the students wrote an «essay» with «Chinese character pinyin» to fake an English essay, the students really think that the usual test teachers review the essay without looking at randomly give points?

If the Chinese pinyin is good enough, or can see clearly what the student said, for example, the first sentence is about the character traits of the student, he is that summary: «quick thinking, clear organization, high energy», in fact this summary is very good, but unfortunately there is no English to express.

So colleagues either gave the students 1 point, it is not clear is difficult points or afraid of students embarrassment, according to me this is not the problem of academic achievement and ability, but rather is the problem of mentality, said into the «weird» is not too much, no wonder the teacher gas crying.

The most important thing is that the students have to write English essays. The fact is that English composition is the easiest type EF english 評價 of topic to excel in, as long as it is done in the right way, and usually after training, it is possible to get a boost in the short term.

To write a good English essay for small and medium-sized students, I think it is necessary to start from some of the following levels.

A. Proper reading of the topic.

The first step to writing a good English composition is to read the topic, although much lower than the language class composition regulations, but the theoretical basis or consistent, only to understand the composition of the topic and regulations, it is not easy to happen to run the situation.

The English essays in secondary schools are generally character-driven, writing-led, and the content of the environmental information and material given is also very colorful, it is important to clarify the provisions of the composition, grasp the key aspects can be expressed clearly.

1. Essays that give scenes and key points in a preverbal manner.

This type of English composition is the best to write, because the regulations are established, the outline are there, as long as the content is carried out to fill.

The letter was sent to strongly recommend Henry as the current president of the student council, to write about 2 major points,EF english 評價 one is the character traits, one is the advantages, which is a fixed outline, just fill the two parts of the content in time, it is not possible to run out of topics, is the basic skills of English language expression applications, including word finding and English grammar issues.

2. Essays that give scenes in the form of drawings, diagrams, keywords, etc.

This kind of essay key to investigate the students’ insight, carefully observe the various key points in the chart to pinpoint the creative intent, including the role of the chart, scenery, data information, text, etc., according to the attentive consideration and analysis, to understand and grasp the essence of the logical sequence and regularity, and then carry out refining and upgrading, to say clearly the meaning that must be expressed in the chart or keywords.

However, it is important to note that this kind of essay should not be a simple paraphrase of a painting, diagram or keyword. For example, in the photo above, you see a tree with a swallow’s nest, two birds in the nest, and a bird sobbing on a tree stump, but based on careful observation and analysis, you must get another logical sequence and result.

There is a bird lying on the stump and sobbing, and it is remembering that it used to have a home here on a tree with its children, and it was very happy then, but now the flowers and trees have been logged, making them lose their homes.3 Finally, it is concluded that the natural environment and ecological protection are very crucial, and if there is too much logging, people may all be losing their homes.3

Second, precise wording, proper grammar of English, and articulation of course

For elementary and middle school students, English composition is not a very high requirement, in the case of proper reading, it depends completely on the usual English basic skills, including English words, English grammar, statements and other learning situations, naturally it is not guaranteed to give full play to the language class composition like that, English composition will suffer from the limits of English ability itself.

The standard for small and medium-sized students to give full play to their basic skills in writing English essays is to use their limited expertise to give full play to the test requirements and minimize the number of points lost. In general, the following aspects must be ensured.

1, learn to write a good outline, exam registration time anxiety can be written without, but in the mind must be designed to conceive a clear idea before putting pen to paper, otherwise it is very easy to do blind busy. Have the outline and the idea, only then can be logical, only then can the essay meet the requirements.

2, looking for words to strive to be accurate. If we want to say «the earth is at risk», the appropriate wording should be: Theearthisindanger. But I’ve seen students write: Theearthisdangerous. And this means that the earth is at risk, which is obviously a poor choice of words.

In addition, in the search for words that time to pay special attention to do not have to apply their own unsure words, some students like to produce rhetorical methods of practical effect, usually using some extended vocabulary, but did not have a deep understanding of the word, it is very easy to make a joke, will prompt the composition more and more raw, and even incorrect. As much as possible, you should use your own skilled language to express, so that the composition will be more harmonious overall.

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